The Women of Lusive: Brittany Erlbaum

Brittany Erlbaum

Guest Room Studio Director

Joined Lusive in 2019


Originally beginning her professional career in the world of digital sales and theatrical production, Brittany Erlbaum eventually found herself transitioning into the world of design in 2015 when she became the Western Regional Sales Manager for JLF Collections. Over the course of the following three years she grew to become the company’s Global Sales Manager and eventually the Vice President of Global Business Development. In 2018, Brittany joined the Lusive as the company’s Guest Room Studio Director where she oversees the sales and project management of a variety of portable fixtures that add to the guest room experience across an array of hospitality projects.


Tell us a little bit about what brought you into the world of lighting?

With my background in high volume production and having strong client relationships already, I saw an opportunity to come to Lusive and grow the Guestroom Studio knowing they had specific expertise in lighting.


What’s the most memorable/favorite Lusive project you’ve been involved with?

Each project is so unique, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Each project is memorable.


What’s your idea of happiness?

Being with my family and friends.


Which talent would you most like to have?

Speaking multiple languages.


What’s something that no one else knows about you?

My childhood aspiration was to be a waitress a Bob’s Big Boy.


What’s the best aspect of working at Lusive?

The sales/development department. They are by far the best team to work with on a day to day basis and have helped support the development of the Guestroom Studio.