The LA Art Show 2016

Art, Design, Music, Architecture - these are part of the Lusive culture.

We love to get our team involved in field trips, gallery visits, concerts - to see, feel, listen and take part in experiences that are inspirational, educational and support creative people within (and outside of) Los Angeles - interior and product designers, artists, architects, fashion designers, musicians - all of us are creating the world we live in!

Here are some of the pieces that inspired our team last weekend at the LA Art Show 2016:


"My favorite artist is Kuzohiro Tsuji. His piece was the Frida Kahlo. His artwork is ironically unrealistic. Every stitching, every hair every detail precisely made to bring his artwork to life. He captures the persons soul just in their eyes. He inspires me to work better and work every day to become not as good as him but better. He inspires me to become more than what I am."

Jose Luna
Lusive Design Assistant, Artist


 "Sean Newport's 'Tropic of Cancer' is reminiscent of the folded 3D art I made as a child in grade school, but with a play of light and color transfer of neon to white. This piece glows a soft pastel when the neon tones are out of view - very clever!"

Terra M. Clark
General Manager


“This was my favorite.”

Masai Mitchell
Project Designer


“This might be the reason why I don’t eat cake. So while you fight the urge to take a bite, I will appreciate this from afar in case of recoil.”

Octavio Cornejo
Shipping and Production Manager


"I love the passion and energy of the artists in the UGLARworks collective. Their dramatic live work 'Stale Mate' drew a crowd throughout the show - depicting the four artist's views on war and their various styles and inspirations - inspiring! Check out and"

Sally Thomas Cooper
Owner, Designer