Subterranean Park in New York City

An innovative subterranean New York City park is scheduled to open in 2021. The Lowline park will be carved out of an abandoned historic underground trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of the city. LED lighting and remote skylight technology will assist in growing a wide range of flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables – and to do it energy-efficiently.

A temporary exhibit recently showcased the uniqueness of the project. The Lowline Lab was an open laboratory and technical exhibit designed to test and showcase how the Lowline will grow and sustain plants underground. Built inside an abandoned market on the Lower East Side, just two blocks from the site of the proposed future Lowline, the Lowline Lab included a series of controlled experiments in an environment mimicking the actual Lowline site. Teeming with more than 3,500 plants, the 1,000-square-foot lab installation also used experimental technology that harnesses the power of natural sunlight through funnel-like solar installations that magnify and direct beams of sunlight to the underground plant life.


source: thelowline