CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition

We are excited to see what great talents arise from The CLUE competition! CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) is a new international competition open to all lighting applications and spaces.

Continuing on the path of being an internationally recognized leader in the design community, CLU Foundation created CLUE to encourage and challenge young designers, such as emerging Professionals with less than 5 years experience and students – to develop innovative lighting concepts for interior and exterior spaces and to cultivate inspiring ideas and recognize the individuals creating those ideas.

This year’s theme is INTERFACE and participants are asked to incorporate the concepts of transparency, contact, transition, limits, threshold, natural/artificial, dark/light, so that the interface focuses on the spatial interactions influenced by exchanges between one and the other, and thereby distinguishing the two adjacent spaces.

Are indoor and outdoor lighting solutions so radically different? How could they be integrated into a single system? What concepts can they share? How can light be used to transform the experience of moving from inside to outside? This is what they are looking for... smart, edgy, out of the box ideas that will redefine how these interfacing areas are experienced, perceived and used through light.

For more information on the contest visit the CLUE website.