A Candid Letter from Lusive to Our Friends in the Hospitality Industry


Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the recession has already hit the hospitality lighting industry hard, with the majority of our competitors either closing their doors completely, or going on restricted work weeks.

First and foremost, know that we are fully open during this time! In fact, our 50+ team here in Los Angeles has already completed and shipped over 100 lighting projects already this year!

Rest assured that:
- our company is strong and will survive this recession
- we have more than enough work in our pipeline to last through the end of the year and beyond
- we have maintained strong relationships with our main domestic and international vendor partners through this time, feeding their supply chains with your orders and keeping our industry alive

We want to make you aware of how our side of the industry operates and show that we have a plan in place to keep our vendors thriving during this difficult time. While we have more than enough work to remain open well into 2021, we are strengthening this future by identifying 20 main vendor partners in the US and globally, using our orders to work with them and keep their supply chains active and, therefore, keep everyone open. The more your jobs are funneled through us, the healthier the supply chain will be… your new orders will keep this plan moving forward.
Your projects are safe with us. Our team is ready to receive AND ship your orders. Together, we can keep our industry alive!

So let’s make some lights!

Very best,

Sally Thomas Cooper