The striking green façade of Euronews’ New Headquarters observes its surroundings with Gigantic Eyes

Jacob+Macfarlane, a well- known Paris based architects, after The Orange Cube built in 2011, have added another extraordinary  structure to the Lyon’s docklands ;  new headquarters for Euronews. The Euronews belong  to the same conceptual family as Orange cube, situated on the Rambaud quay in the redeveloping district known as La Confluence. The building stands out with striking green facade, designed in collaboration with French artist Fabrice Hyber who is resposibile for the pattern and the color. Besides distinqushed façade appearance, the front side of the building features giant egg shaped opennings that leave an impression of two curious eyes overlooking  the Saône river.

"Symbolically, the eyes represent those of Euronews, abstract receptors, capturing the events of the world around us," said Jakob + MacFarlane.

The atriums in the facade allow air and light to filter into the offices and provide views over the docks.  Euronews accommodates 800 employees on the 10,000 square meteres spread on 6 levels.