The Materials Series: Glass

Research and development of new materials and techniques is one of our favorite parts of the custom process and one of the things that our clients know sets us apart. When our designers are asked “How can we do this?” the Lusive team loves to present a myriad of options that allow endless possibilities… In our new MATERIALS Series we look at styles and capabilities in various mediums:

The MATERIALS Series – Part 1: GLASS

GLASS – the translucency, variations and unique qualities of glass have made it a favorite material that continues to fascinate architects and designers, who exploit glass’ ability to shape, reflect and refract light and shadow. From the traditional glass blowers of Murano, to the artisans of cast glass such as Lalique, to the American modern glass artists, we love both the design challenges and potential of the material!


A new generation of glass blowers, masters of the Murano fornace are using the old methods with a new twist to carry traditional hand blown glass craftsmanship into the future – the use of fluorescent colors, opaque and metallic finishes and modern designs with classic elements create unexpected bursts of color and form.



The use of different processes and finishes mean one material can have a variety of looks – hand blown glass globes in muted natural tones create a modern organic look; precise brightly-mirrored and frosted clusters
create Pop drama; a mass of bubbles create soft clouds; clear and etched tones of glass create visual interest and added depth.   



The resurgence in the use of organic, reclaimed, and recycled forms mirrors our desire to get back to basics as the world around us speeds up; it is no surprise that the antique style Edison lamp is making a comeback, offering incandescent warmth and luxury, just as we move toward the energy-frugal sparseness of LEDs and CFLs. Hi-lighting the natural irregularities and hand worked look of recycled glass…