The Goud Souk- A Dramatic Gold and Black Experience in the Netherlands

Rotterdam based Liong Lie architects had an amazing opportunity to create a hall for gold dealers and goldsmiths, called Goud (Gold) Souk, in the Bazaar in Baverwijk the biggest indoor market in Europe.

The idea for the concept came from a raw piece of gold. The façade is covered with gold-tinted panels with a triangle pattern and an entrance that imitates the access to the cave. The panels are installed in various positions so that entire building shines and glitters under different lighting conditions during the day and night. 

The shining and sparkling façade completely confronts the interior that is entirely dark, with floors, walls and ceiling in black. A mysterious experience of the Gold Souk’s interior called “Arabian Nights” makes the displays stand out and shine placing the gold products in the center of attention.