REPORT FROM MAISON&OBJET PARIS 2015 Part 2 - Trends and Design Inspiration

Part II: Colors and Motifs plus M&O Designer of the Year
In what has become a tradition - and one of our design client favorites – here is Part II of our report on lighting and design trends and inspirations from one of the biggest European design shows.
As always, so much to see and share!

Color - Eighties Meets Warhol
Lots of color fun this year – the new take on 80s inspired pastels and jewel tones showed up across the design board – textiles, ceramics, glass. The latest trendy hues of marsala and radiant orchid – so 2014! - hung out alongside mauves and soft emeralds. The new softness was juxtaposed with hyper-color pops of Warhol fluoro – phew! the perfect visual respite from the predominant mellow tones.


Motifs – All Stitched Up + Nurture / Nature
The artisanal DIY influence created a flurry of woven basket, lace, and crochet-based patterns both in the original textile forms and recreations of the motifs in new materials - with lace-like metals and ceramics, and furniture and lighting incorporating hand worked patterns.

Natural motifs – realistic references in organic and curvilinear forms and impressions in angular and geometric styles – wove their way across the design landscape.

NENDO - M&O 2015 Designer of the Year
NENDO design studio is headed by founder and visionary Oki Sato.
He studied architecture in Tokyo and founded the studio in 2002 – and has now moved to the international stage with offices in Tokyo and Milan.
NENDO, meaning ‘modelling clay’, expresses Sato’s designer to have the flexibility and creative ability to reinvent oneself. The designer takes his inspiration from Japanese uncluttered style to create a modern design language.
Following much recognition in the industry – Elle Decor International Design Award, Wallpaper 2012 Designer of the Year – and international exhibitions and design collaborations – Centre Pompidou, Cappellini and Puma – NENDO created the multi-sensorial ‘chocolatetexture’ lounge at this year’s Maison show. Delicious!

And lastly – just plain cool design details that caught our eye – J’Adore!