Peter Marino LED Features for Louis Vuitton

In the modern luxury retail shopping experience, the potential intersection of luxury and technology are becoming part of the retail landscape.

Peter Marino and dcm Studios have perfected this in two of Peter Marino Architects designs for Louis Vuitton flagship stores in Shanghai and Rome.

The focal feature in Shanghai is made up of a three-story semi-transparent ‘box’ connected by a main staircase, designed as if it were carved out of a single piece of natural stone.
Each stair is fabricated from sandblasted glass with built-in LED panels that light up and illuminate each ascending and descending step. Each screen plays several variations of a video loop - from a tree with changing leaves and flowers to stock market numbers or color-and pattern-changing mosaic panels.

The brand’s store in Rome has a similar LED staircase, programmed to color-coordinate with current product displays. Beautiful, often whimsical, the features transform the luxury retail shopping experience into an interactive spectacle!