Paul Cocksedge’s Living Staircase

Spiraling up through the atrium of Ampersand Resolution Property’s new office in Soho, London is the living staircase by Paul Cocksedge Studio. Recently completed, the dynamic stairway towers at 12.5 meters with an unique design that has integrated a series of social and relaxation zones. Following the curvilinear form, greenery has been planted along the entire balustrade where at the top, fresh mint leaves are grown to allow the brewing of mint tea.

Unlike typical staircase designs, the load-bearing pillar at the core has been removed, allowing each level to form a platform with different functions. Constructed of steel and American white oak on the first floor, a light by Ingo Maurer has been suspended for employees to leave messages. Meanwhile, the second staircase hosts a small library containing books to stimulate creativity. The sculptural staircase reflects the company’s creative identity and embodies their designer-led ethos hoping to drive an exciting work environment to attract prospective talent.




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