Ordinary Things Become Magical and Wondrous – Shih Chieh Huang

Shih Chieh Huang combines his longstanding fascination with technology and the materials of modern life to transform mundane manufactured objects into novel and remarkably complex sculptural forms. Huang elevates circuit building, transistor rewiring, and other hardware operations into an art that connects not only with our senses but our sense of humanity between today's virtual and analog existence.

Huang's art provokes the viewer to consider society's rapidly changing relationship with technology. By constructing grand works of "low-tech" art made from high-tech parts that are intentionally built to look unfinished, Huang endeavors to recapture the curiosity and wonder of early technology that will inspire visitors to likewise experiment and build anew.

With his latest exhibition “Reusable Universes: Shih Chieh Huang” at the Worcester Art Museum (running now through November 12, 2017), Huang creates his most ambitious immersive environment to date—a kinetic sculptural installation consisting of over one hundred various-sized elements. 





sources: worcesterart, messymix