Norway’s Energy-Positive Building

Powerhouse Brattørkaia, an energy-positive building in Trondheim, Norway will open to the public in 2019. The structure will generate more energy in its operational phase than it consumes through the production of building materials, construction, operation and disposal of the building. With a nice view of Trondheimsfjorden and the Munkholmen Island, the building has been designed based on environmental requirements.

For Powerhouse Brattørkaia, form follows environment, while optimal use of solar energy determines the building’s exciting and iconic architecture. The building will be well insulated with limited needs for heating and excellent ventilation. With solar energy, other sources of renewable energy, and extremely low energy consumption, this eight-story office building will produce 485,000 kilowatt hours annually and will be able to supply electricity to Norway’s publicly owned grid.


source: powerhouse norway