New York City Plans the World’s First Underground Park

Five years ago New York wondered “How can we build more green space in our cities?” They found the answer below their feet and ambitiously decided to build the world’s first underground park.

The Lowline is a project that will transform an early 1900s underground trolley terminal into a luscious green park the size of a football field.

Created by James Ramsey, the core feature of the Lowline is that they will be able to take the sunlight, send it underground, and use that to promote plant growth. With this natural sunlight, they can take an abandoned trolley terminal and transform it into a vibrant public place that is filled with plants and trees and create something unlike the world has ever seen.

The entrance to the park will literally be a slab of peeled-back street, as if Godzilla had taken a peek at the trolley station. People will be able to step down underneath the layer of the modern world and walk into the history of the past. Oddly enough, they will simultaneously experience the future since modern technology will transform the underground with natural sunlight. Sunlight will be collected by mirrors and tubes will transport the sunlight underground.

The Lowline will be a four season park — the warmth of the underground will make it usable during the cold winter.