Lighting Festival in Singapore’s Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay, a lighting festival in Singapore, dazzles in its sixth year with 22 enthralling light art installations. The festival features installations created by artists from Singapore and 13 other countries. Designed with energy-saving lighting, recycled or environmentally-friendly materials, the light art installations reinforce Marina Bay’s position as a sustainable precinct and serve as reminders to encourage festival goers and the public to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives.

Festival Director Jason Chen said: “i Light Marina Bay has grown to become one of Singapore’s signature events, gathering people from all walks of life and bringing greater vibrancy to the precinct. This year, we are involving the community further by inviting them to co-create i Light Marina Bay 2018 with us – be it through the creation of artworks, or supporting the festival by presenting sustainability-themed activities.”

Throughout the festival, the public can explore and learn more about the topic of sustainability by participating in a series of talks and workshops. The signature Switch Off, Turn Up campaign, held in conjunction with the festival, will continue to rally corporate organizations around Marina Bay and beyond to switch off non-essential lighting and turn up their air-conditioning temperatures to save energy. i Light Marina Bay’s sustainability focus also dovetailed with the Earth Hour initiative when the light art installations were switched off for an hour during the annual island-wide lights out event. The festival runs through April 1.




sources: ilightmarinabay, mothership