LA MODERNISM – It’s All in the Details

We attended the LA Modernism Show this past weekend at its new location at 3Labs Building in Culver City. Beautiful bow truss architecture … great surroundings for a wonderful group of our favorite modernism enthusiasts. Some of our favorites were Christopher Anthony – one of our Palm Springs destinations - Alexandre Huygevlede and his team from Paris, and of course Johannes Lucas always has something unexpected and special to share.

Details, details, details…abalone shell encrusted coffee table tops, pillows with enough sequins to put a red carpet dress to shame, sectionals adorned with fur, fine cut crystal, volcanic glazed pottery, intricately carved wood side tables, geometric porcelain vessels, stamped tin table tops, sideboards with reverse diamond box veneers, croc embossed lamp bases, ‘melted’ chairs and the most intricate upholstering we’ve ever seen!
We can’t wait to see what next year brings!