Jim Campbell’s Sculptural LED light Installations

Jim Campbell is an electronic artist who has been working with light sculptures for over 30 years. After graduating from M.I.T with degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics, he worked as an engineer in Silicon Valley. Intrigued by pixelated images, he decided to apply the same principles of low resolution to moving images, focusing his efforts on generating the technology that would allow him to turn 2D videos into 3D light sculptures. He began experimenting with perception and the amount of information required to make an image recognizable in the human mind.
Campbell’s inspiration is found in the low-res, pixelated form - the antithesis of the current aesthetic that values hi-resolution, crisp images - integrating and manipulating computers and custom electronics and using technology to create his unique engaging art pieces.

Twelve patents later, Campbell's work is not only synonymous with the contemporary art world, but with the world of public art as well. The Journey, his largest piece to date, is suspended from the ceiling in the gate area of Terminal 2 in the San Diego Airport.
Scattered Light was installed in the Madison Square Park Conservancy in Manhattan with hundreds of hovering tiny lights made up a large-scale, three-dimensional public installation. Ruins Of Light, Campbell's installation at the America West Sports Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, is four stainless steel enclosures that contain the four real concrete structural columns of the building, and because the work maintained the look of support columns, the artwork was seen as though it were a structural element of the architecture.

His custom electronic sculptures and installations have made him a leading figure in the use of computer technology as an art form, breathing light into the unlikeliest of places.