Illumination of the West Coast’s Tallest Building

Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles is now the tallest building on the West Coast, edging out San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower by a mere 30 feet. It rises 73 stories (compared to Salesforce's 61) and marks the center of a rapidly developing downtown that's poised to become the "Times Square of the West."

Located halfway between the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Staples Center, the Wilshire Grand features a glittering spire that rises above the LA skyline. But what might stand out to residents more than the building's height is its lightsaber-esque, light-up display. Colorful LED lights run two and a half miles up the tower's spine and over its sail-shaped top.

Heading up towards the clouds are two massive LED displays stretch 42 feet by 60 feet atop the building. The screens contain 250 million pixels — each no bigger than a pea, according to the Los Angeles Times — capable of displaying messages that can be read from across the city.

The tower will most often flash the logo for Korean Airlines, which owns the building, and the InterContinental Hotel, a prominent tenant. But advertisers can also pay to shine their name across the Los Angeles night.

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