Fondazione Prada- Rem Koolhaas and OMA in Milan

Fondazione Prada in Milan, established in 1993 by the Italian fashion house Prada as a cultural organisation dedicated to contemporary art, has recently been relocated and designed by Rem Koolhaas and his firm OMA. The abandoned distillery that dates back from 1910 became new arts centre highlighting a “haunted house” with a 24 carat gold finish and a cinema house covered with mirrors. The new Fondazione Prada complex consists of seven existing industrial buildings that were updated and modernized on respect for their character and three newly designed structures smoothly incorporated into the scenery.  New buildings accommodate a large exhibition pavillion, a tower, and a cinema. A 10-floor tower that is distinguished by the fact that each floor is a meter taller that the previous one. Rem Koolhaas explains that the compound is not a preservation project nor a new architecture, but a situation where old and new work in a harmonized interaction.



sources: domusweb, wallpaper, coolhunting