Concrete Concert Hall by Rojkind Arquitectos

A Mexican firm Rojkind Architects has started the construction work on the concrete concert hall building in Boca del Rio, the municipal capital of Veracruz, named The Foro Boca. The Foro Boca will be a home for the Boca del Rio Philharmonic Orchestra that was formed last year and has shortly became recognized worldwide. With the orchestra’s potential and its ambitious activities, the project’s goal is to create a future centre for music and culture, as well as to revive and grow this underdeveloped zone. The attractive and  uneven form of the concert hall located at the estuary of the Jamapa River and the Gulf of Mexico will make the focal point in the master plan for the district that includes night area with restaurants and entertainment venues.

"The Boca del Rio Philharmonic Orchestra has attracted diverse musical expressions, local and foreign musicians, making it the heart of the cultural life of the city," said Michel Rojkind, founding partner of Rojkind Arquitectos.

Within 5,410 square metres, the building will accommodate an 850-seat concert hall that will be located at the highest level, rehearsal space, a music library and offices. The facility will also host a training program for underprivileged students.