Building Lego House

The small Danish town of Billund has a new museum and experience center dubbed the ‘House of the Brick’ . . . Lego House.

Dubbed ‘the house of brick’, the grand opening was on September 28.. Lego House is a vibrant three-dimensional village of interlocking buildings and spaces, with the structure designed to look like a giant stack of Lego blocks topped by a giant 2x4 Lego keystone.

Lego House manager Jesper Vilstrup said: “This building is a manifestation of the very essence of the Lego idea. This will be an amazing place where Lego fans, their families and friends can experience – or re-experience – the playfulness of the Lego universe. All activities are related to our philosophy that creative play promotes innovation. Lego House will enable us to offer both adult and young guests the chance of stimulating both creativity and learning.”

Around 250,000 people are expected to visit the site per year, boosting tourism income for a town that is also home to the first Legoland theme park, which opened in 1968.

A timelapse of the building's construction, which took three years, can be viewed below.



source: legohouse