Bells & Whistles Subtly Fuse Japanese Influences Into Blue Ocean Sushi Interiors

Los Angeles-based design studio bells & whistles were charged with the refurbishment of Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi Bar in Carlsbad, California. While instilling a new perspective and identity, the designers presented an interior that has culminated a new and non-traditional approach for a Japanese eatery.

A finely-cut geometric walking establishes the entrance to the restaurant. The interiors subtly draws influence from the ocean and aspects of culture from Japan. The entrance is highlighted by a protruding, timber entryway displaying geometrical cut-outs on each side. Along with the landscaping which mimic corals beds, the internal program continues with the oceanic theme throughout. The open-plan seating arrangement is organized underneath an origami style ceiling where delicate bubbles of air hang above. The play in timber textures and the consistent facet theme is portrayed on various wall surfaces in the restaurant, and in turn, gives a comfortable and subtle insight to Japanese dining. 

The eatery offers communal and separate dining options. The mixed timber blocks which makes up one side of the wall gives warmth. The origami ceiling is highlighted by the floating air bubbles light fixture reminiscent of sea urchins hang above the table. The interiors are diverse and subtly instills Japanese aspects. The refurbishment has given the eatery a new identity.




photography by Jennifer Puno