8 Most Amazing Architectural Designs That Defined the Modern Architecture

1. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center – Baku, Azerbaijan

Zaha Hadid, the poetic genius of “flows” has gifted us with this masterpiece. This architectural beauty has become the symbol of urbanization and a pride of Azerbaijan. This massive 619,000-squre-foot complex establishes a fluid structure and rhythm.




2. The Piano House – Huainan, China

Yeah, you have guessed it right! It’s a gigantic piano with a magnificent glass violin like you are imagining it. This beauty is situated in Huainan, China. Don’t forget to pay a visit if you are an architecture and music lover.


3. The Upside-Down House – Szymbark, Poland

No, no, no, these photos aren’t photoshopped! If you visit Szymbark, Poland this place could be an interesting choice for your visit. This 1970’s wonder is designed in a bit socialist kind of way.


4. The Palace of the Parliament - Bucharest, Romania

This enormous building is the largest administrative building made for civilians. The most amazing fact would be that you can see it even from the space! This heavyweight building symbolizes Stalinist socialism which was made during the Soviet era.


5. Crazy House – Da Lat, Vietnam

Get lost in the world of surrealism! Crazy house has been designed by Mrs. Dang Viet Nga, Ph.D. holder in Architecture. Inspired by the surrealistic natural structures, this mesmerizing beauty is often compared to the works of Dali and Gaudi. 


6. Lotus Temple – Delhi, India

Built in 1986, this Bahai house of worship is adorned by all. This magnificent structure completely harmonizes with the culture of India.


7. Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval - Hauterives, France

Even a simple postman can craft up the most artistic design. Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman is a genius behind it. Take a look!


8. Krzywy Domek - Sopot, Poland

Another example abstract art like Crazy House. One of the most interesting buildings in Polish architecture.


photos: wikimedia, flickriver, spirittourism, i.ytimg, youramazingplaces, atlasobscura, unusualplaces, archdaily