7 Most Unbelievable Furniture Designs That Would Make You Look at Them Twice

1. The Staircase Storage Solution

Modern homes are suffering from small sized homes. People are feeling that they need furniture that consumes lesser space. Keeping that in mind, designer Danny Kuo designed this marvel. This storage system has multiple shelves and these shelves can be also used as staircases to reach higher for top shelves. It’s a paradox of a design if you ask me and obviously worth giving it a look.



2. The Evolution Door

How do doors open? Well, you could pull them or there are sliding doors. But This Door is something totally different. If you plan to surprise your guests and friends, this door would surely do the trick. Artist Klemens Torggler designed the masterpiece with an origami flavor.



3. Story

Today people are seeking multi-purpose furniture. Story is a sofa, a workstation, and a bed altogether. Multi-purpose design at its best. Designer Fanny Adams is the one who is worthy of your clap. 



4. Canvas Furniture

Imagine, there is painting canvas where a piece of chair is painted and you could sit on it! Surprised? Designer YOY made that possible with this out of the world idea. 




5. Flexible bookshelf

Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, the designer made the most uniquely imagined bookshelf in the history. Art at its best!



6. The REK bookcase

Imagine a book case that would grow with your book collection! How in the world is that possible? The bookcase has to be alive to grow like that! Well, this bookcase can grow as your collection. Oh, btw they are not alive. 



7. The Ping Pong Door

So, you and your buddy are bored? You guys just sold the ping pong table as it was too big for your new small apartment. Don’t worry! This amazing design just might make your day. A door cum design could be the most cunningly beautiful idea that mankind ever had.