The Second Edition of the Melbourne Pavilion presents AL_A’s Forest Canopy Design

The second edition of the Melbourne Pavilion, an annual event advertized as Australia’s answer to the Serpentine Gallery in London, is designed by British award-winning studio AL_A  headed by architect Amanda Levet. This year’s pavilion presents an extraordinary forest canopy design with slender stems that gently sway in the breeze and petals that glow at night by LED lights. The structure is made up of 43 petals with diameters of three and five meters including speakers that produce nightly soundscape and work in harmony with LED lights. Carbon fibers were used in the creation of the stems while only 2 milimetres thin petals were made from a “boundary-pushing technology of composite materials” developed in collaboration with an Australian nautical fabricator.

The  MPavilion event  takes place in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria’s Garden from 6 October 2015 until 7 February 2016.

"Our pavilion is a celebration of those natural shelters where we come together and we have achieved an exceptionally light, open structure that sits gently on the land and allows the light, the wind, and sometimes the rain, to form part of the show. It is designed to provide a contemplative, personal experience as well as a place to congregate” Levete said.


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